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CBF LeaderConnect is designed to help churches share clearly what they seek in a candidate and to help candidates reveal in detail their qualifications and preferences so that the most appropriate matches can be made. It is our hope and prayer that God will use this tool to bring God's servant-leaders and God's churches together.

Developing the profile requires that we ask a number of questions that help in refining the matching process so that it is as accurate as possible. Click here to print out a PDF of the questions prior to entering your information if you wish to do so.

Create your church profile by supplying the information requested below. Once the profile is complete, you will be able to add the details of the open position on your own personalized dashboard.

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Step 1: Committee Contact

Committee Contact
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Step 2: Church Profile Information

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(1) General Church Profile Information
Some items will be automatically filled from our database if your church is in our database. If the information that comes up on the screen is incorrect, you will have the opportunity to make corrections.
Mailing address same as physical address 
Small Town
Alliance of Baptists
American Baptist Churches
Baptist World Alliance
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
National Baptist Convention
Progressive Baptist Convention
Saddleback Association
Southern Baptist Convention
No National or Worldwide Affiliations
Progressive National Baptist Convention

(2) Church Tradition/Preference Profile
The following questions have proven to be helpful in discovering the best matches for churches. These items can often affect the relationship between a church and the new minister. You can request that these items be given more or less significance in the matching process, but it is helpful if you have considered these, and it helps in matching when these items are clarified. Where two choices are given, choose the one closer to your church preference even though neither may define your church preference.
Baptist Faith & Message 1963
Baptist Faith & Message 2000
Christ offers the gift of salvation to all. We witness to everyone, knowing that anyone can potentially be saved if he or she will only confess to being a sinner, repent, and trust in Jesus. Each person decides whether or not to trust in Christ for salvation.
Salvation is for those whom God has chosen ahead of time to be saved. We don’t know who those people are, so we witness to everyone, knowing that those whom God has chosen will respond and be saved.
As well as serving as spiritual leader of the church, the pastor is responsible for the direction of the church and makes decisions regarding church affairs without relying much on votes by the church as a whole or by congregation-elected committees.
While serving as the spiritual leader of the church, the pastor expects the congregation as a whole to retain much responsibility for considering and voting on significant church matters in church-wide business meetings and through committees elected by the congregation.
Pastor/Senior Pastor
Sunday School Teacher Adults – Men
Sunday School Teacher Adults – Women
None of the above

(3) Search Committee Information
Search Committee Information

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Church Helpful Resources

Below you will find some helpful resources which you may download.

What's All the Fuss About? (changes to the Baptist Faith and Message statement)

Church/Position Profile Questions PDF version Word version

Pastor Search Committee Helpful Resources

Church Registration Tip

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Adding a Position Profile

Once you have completed filling out your Church Profile you will be allowed to create Position Profiles.


To Create Position Profiles:

1. Complete your Church Profile

2. Go to My Dashboard

3. Click on Add Position